You can find your way again…

Hi and welcome to A Ray of San! Thanks for joining me on my journey of discovery, inspiration and to saying yes to pursuing my dreams wholeheartedly.

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The truth is, it’s normal to feel lost. We’ve all been there… whether work is dragging you down, or you lack direction or motivation. But I want you to know, that in the depths of your despair and amongst the maze you may find yourself in, feeling lost is in fact a big blessing and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

It may feel like you are building your dream, only to be let down or things not go your way quite as you planned. However, trust that if you have a dream, it’s come to you for a reason.

I was watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” with my mother just yesterday and wow, what a beautiful movie! The main character, Francesca discovers just how strong she is, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I won’t ruin the rest of the film for you, but there was a beautiful part in the film that I loved.

Frances Mayes, (affectionally called “Francesca” by the local Tuscans in Italy), had gone ahead and made one of the biggest decisions of her life, only to feel pathetic as it wasn’t shaping up the way she thought it would and to her fear, that maybe she was too hasty in her decision. She felt empty and lonely… Then with reassurance, one of the kind gentlemen in the film who had become a good friend to “Francesca” reminds her of how a train track was built long before a train was even set up in order to travel across the Alps between Vienna and Venice. However, they build it anyway, because they knew in their hearts that the train will surely come.”

Next time you are setting up a dream, a hope, you feel lonely, or lost, remember this. Trust in your heart of hearts that your dreams will bear fruit.



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