Movement is Key

Vanda Scaravelli once said, “Movement is the song of the body.”

Movement is the song of the body.”-2-1

Our bodies were made to move. It is the most natural thing for us to want to sway, to stretch and to feel alive. Movement reminds us of our breath, energy, our beating hearts and gets the circulation pumping, releasing powerful endorphins and leaving us with a sense of refreshment.

We feel more clear headed, re-energized and motivated to tackle the day’s tasks and achieve our goals.

Whether you like to dance, to do pilates, yoga, tai chi .. etc.. find what works best you, vary it from day to day, but whatever you do, stick to it.

Remind yourself and your body that you haven’t given up, you are still very much here, you are present, you matter and you deserve self care and self love. Movement is just that, and you my friend, You are worth it.