Try that dream you’ve put on hold for far too long…


I finally took the plunge into something familiar, but new at the same time. As a kid you see, I was timid at times and shy. But every now and then, I would have my outgoing, confident phases. I finally grew to love drama class as a tween and young teen… except I didn’t quite know it yet. Of course, I would be scared at first, but my mother and father always encouraged me.

Eventually though, I knew I loved it, but took a little break from putting myself out there. Over the years, I have done some voice over acting for radio commercials, as well as a little extra work on movies, and even one or two local commercials which I acted as the lead in. I have stage managed plays and seen acting happen up close.

With a much needed push of encouragement from my parents, this week I took an acting class… my first proper acting class and I loved it! It was a lot of fun!

I initially feared the unknown and what would happen if I made myself vulnerable. Would I look silly in front of other people? What would they think of me? Often doubt and fear can create the worst case scenario in our minds, when in reality nothing is ever as bad as you think it will be.

Then, an angel on my shoulder finally said, “Don’t be silly… You were born to do this. You are an Artist, go for it! Why not!”

With a deep breath and a smile on my place, I felt welcome and safe instantly as soon as I entered the room. I got to interact with other artists my age from all walks of life.

After my first class, I felt like my confidence was given a boost. No wonder so many people suggest acting classes. I was having fun and learning so much already at the same time. Acting classes are wonderful for not only growing your self confidence, but they also teach you about human behaviour, about yourself, about how to embrace your fears and just go for it, without second guessing yourself. They can help in all areas of life.

We first started with improvisation challenges and for that, you have to be quick on your feet. You can’t over think, or the moment will pass. Now with my feet wet, I can’t wait to return to future classes!

My blog article today isn’t to tell you to take an acting class necessarily, but rather more to embrace the things you once loved as a child, into your teens, and the things you perhaps let go of some time back as an adult, all because you didn’t think you were brave enough, were even scared to pursue, or maybe just because regular life and responsibilies took over.

You just have to make time, change your mindset, wear a smile and embrace what your dreams are telling you and what direction to go in.

Because let me tell you; You are far more braver, stronger, talented and capable than you know. Most importantly, you are worth it and you deserve it.

So, go for that thing you wish to do in your heart, and you will see for yourself 🙂


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