Never Give up… Even When You Don’t See Results


Do you ever feel like giving up on something that once meant a lot to you? Maybe it still means a lot to you. However, do you feel like giving up because you didn’t see results? Maybe you just feel exhausted from constantly trying.

Today’s Blog entry is to remind you to keep going, and to never give up on the things you once started. You started them, (a project of some kind), for a reason. It meant something to you; you saw potential, promise and felt passion for it and for that reason, you must carry on.

It’s easy to get disheartened when things don’t go our way, or to “throw in the towel” when we put in effort and yet still, we don’t see results.

For example, I started this Blog not to long ago out of passion for writing and because it makes me feel good. I had zero followers, and I could have given up early on. But now, slowly but surely, my blog is starting to get noticed, if only by one or two people. And you know what, that’s okay and that alone makes me happy! We all have to start somewhere right? If we don’t try something new, we will never know what it could have turned into.

So, to my new followers: Thank you 🙂 I see you and I appreciate the support. I encourage you to leave a comment and to get involved in a discussion if anything I talk about is relatable to you.

If my Blog does resonate with you, please share it with your friends and family.

Now, go on… get started and continue on that project you began a little while back. Maybe you started learning how to sing, or how to play an instrument, maybe you love to also write… whatever it is, make it your own and keep going.

The results you desire will come, but don’t focus on them alone. Enjoy the journey of creating, pour your love into your passion and it will grow. Just be patient 🙂


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