Ignite Your Passion & Find Your Calling


“Ignite your passion & find your calling” 💖📣

Finding your passion in life can be tricky in a world full of so many choices and uncertainties. I have always known there are two things I love: Music/Arts and Wellness. As a Health Coach, I have learned some valuable tips on how to find your passion and have helped clients pursue theirs. Read below:

1. If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s a sign. What subjects are you curious about why do they interest you?

2. Look at your history with the areas that interest you and the valuable skills you have picked up from numerous jobs. They may even be natural skills and talents that you possess. List them all.

3. Keep a Journal – Write down anything that inspires you. Close your eyes and see where your imagination and “dream life” in your heart and mind lead you. This isn’t a coincidence!

4. Listen to your heart – they can tell us instinctively if something is meant for us. When we follow our hearts, it aligns us with the passions and people we are meant to meet.

5. Ask your family and friends to list 3 (positive) strong qualities about you. Highlight any reoccurring words. •

6. Do your research – Read success stories about individuals in a similar field or passion and imagine yourself in their shoes.

7. Learn – As with every pursuit, education is key and the best way to learn is to get stuck in! Attend local classes, solo or with a friend and soak up all the knowledge at your fingertips.

8. Create goals & Make it your own – The only true way to know a calling is for you is action and exposing your talents to the world and to stand out by doing it differently. Happy Soul Searching! With Love & Light, Sangeeta ♡ xo Want to grow your confidence and pursue your Dream Calling? Message me or visit Sangeeta.ca > Health Coaching for more info #findyourcalling #coachinglife

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