Yes, You Do Belong

Have you ever started to doubt your own abilities, talents and skills and feel like you just don’t fit in or belong? Ah yes, good old Imposter Syndrome.

The truth is, we have all felt like this at one point – even the greats, the legends and our role models have felt this way and continue to do so. So, where does this feeling come from?

It’s a very human thing to feel this way it turns out. Sometimes the individual who feels like an imposter may have gone through something to have caused them trauma, or a sense of failure either personally or professionally in their past, or they may have been brought up with an intense pressure to withhold a level of perfectionism. All of these experiences can leave us with emotional and mental scars causing us to believe we are not good enough.

I’m here to remind you, that you ARE good enough.

Another side affect of this feeling is that we may wrongly perceive others to be looking down on us, or be judging us and this can lead to a feeling of our personalities being stifled and having a sense of being diminished. When in actual reality, it may be that others on the outside looking in actually do believe in us more than we may do so currently. And if that’s the case, maybe we should believe them.

Most importantly, however, it isn’t about what others think because yes, although while we may be misjudging what others are truly thinking of us, there are always going to be doubters and people who do not wish to see you get ahead, or succeed. However, the only person’s opinion who truly matters when it comes to yourself is your own.

I say forget what other people think, and ask yourself – Do I like myself? Do I love myself and do I love myself enough to know that I deserve and am worthy to belong in a space? Am I worthy of achieving great things? I ask myself this and the answer is Yes. I hope you can say the same – and if not, I encourage you to look in the mirror and ask yourself the above questions and say yes until you really mean it.

You need not apologize for taking up space, but rather, you deserve to take up space and own it. If you come across people who make you feel small, or belittle you or doubt you, then know they are not worthy of your time, energy or light. You are meant for more, you are meant to shine, you are meant for a bigger room and a bigger audience. Yes, YOU are meant for the big stage.

So stop apologizing, stop giving people who don’t value you and your abilities time and energy, and sit with your tribe who welcome you, accept you, and encourage you to use your voice, express yourself and shine brightly.

These people are your home, and the rest are simply just visitors who were blessed enough to encounter your story along their journey. Celebrate you, always.

I’ll give you this quite which sums it up perfectly:

“Stop inviting people who don’t celebrate you to your party! It’s YOUR life – you have the right to be exclusive.”― Mandy Hale from her Book: The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Here’s how to Deal with Imposter Syndrome:

1.Remember, the past does not have to dictate the future. You do have the ability to change what happens in your own story. Do not let past failures decide your future for you.

2. Every successful individual has struggled on the path to success – these struggles do not define you.

3. Learn from past mistakes and give yourself a pep talk the next time. And then do what you came to do – to win!

4. If you get stuck along the way, it’s okay to ask for help. It takes a team to win and there should never be any shame in asking the right people who have been there before you to guide you and support you.

5. Just like the movie star in a film or the underdog in a rags to riches story, believe in yourself and in your wisdom. Bring your alter ego out; the kick-ass babe or boss that you are and visualize yourself succeeding at your goals confidently – like the rockstar that you made to be!

Let me conclude with this, You are NOT an imposter, You are authentically YOU – Own Every Part of Who You Are! So, walk into that room with your head held high, knowing you deserve to be there and you deserve to be seen, valued, heard and to have a spotlight shone on you – not just for a few seconds, but for a whole lifetime.

With so much Love and Light, Go get ‘‘em Tiger!

Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo

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